September is National Recovery Month

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September is recognized as National Recovery Month, and we at Living Free are reminded each day of the hopelessness caused by addiction. We see firsthand what it does to individuals, families and even the entire community. Each year over 37,000 men and women die from a drug overdose, and over half of those instances involve prescription drugs. Addiction is rampant and Living Free strives to be the outlet in North Mississippi for those seeking help.

Consider that only 8% of addicts will go to a residential program. That leaves 92% of people struggling with addiction that desperately need help but will not leave their community. That statistic is what makes Living Free vital to our community and the surrounding areas.

Your giving allows Living Free to cover both groups. We help both the people who will go to residential programs and those that will not. We have support groups on Monday nights and Thursday nights along with a free meal each night.

We invite you to come and be a part of one of the meetings and see what God is doing. In the month of September, we have seen four folks give their life to The Lord Jesus, and many more made a commitment to The Lord. This is why we do Living Free!

Living Free Schedule
Monday Nights:
Meal at 6:00 pm
12 Step Devotion 6:40 pm
Small Group Meetings 7:00 pm
Dismissed at 8:00 pm

Thursday Nights:
Meal at 6:00 pm
Celebration Meeting 6:45
Dismissed at 8:00 pm

Saturday Mornings:
Biscuits 6:45 am
Men’s Bible Study 7:00 am
Dismissed at 8:00 am

Upcoming Speaking Engagements
September 27 Henderson, TN
October 4 Jackson, TN
October 11 Crosswind, Corinth, MS
October 25 Cornerstone, Corinth, MS
November 1 Chewalla Baptist, Chewalla, TN

Also, mark November 19 on your calendar. We will be celebrating 10 years of Living Free. We will have a special meal that night and some of the people who have come through Living Free within the past 10 years will come back to share. We would love to have you as our guest.

Pray about how you can be a part of what God is doing at Living Free.

Psalm 40:2
– Tommy Wilson

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