Praying God will show up, show out

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Living Free is in the middle of a special time right now. We always pray that God will “show up and show out”, which is exactly what He is doing in the life of Living Free. After many years of prayer, God is expanding the boundaries of Living Free. When I prayed about how to broaden and increase our involvement in the local community (and in surrounding communities), I never really knew what to pray for specifically. I just knew that I wanted to share what God was doing here with others. No thoughts of mine would ever come together. As always, God had the best plan on how to do it. He has opened the doors for expansion with new meetings in our local communities at a local church and in the prisons. We are now hosting a new meeting in Booneville at East Booneville Baptist Church on Wednesday nights. Through this new meeting alone, we have already seen folks give their lives to Christ and be baptized at local churches. I am really excited about what God is doing in this new group.

As of now, Living Free groups are meeting 14 times a week! This progress is all due to God’s faithfulness to this ministry. I am going to provide this list of meetings for you, and I ask that you pray for these meetings. With 5 of these meetings being new in the correctional facilities, you just never know what God is going to do. I am beginning to pray that some of the prisoners will get the vision for Living Free and go back into their communities and start programs. Remember, only 10% of addicts will go into residential programs. That leaves 90% on the streets, and we want to share JESUS with them!

Monday: We have 5 support group meetings at Living Free along with a meal beginning at 6 pm

Wednesday: At 10 am, we meet with the students at the ACAS, Polly is leading a women’s group at Alcorn County jail at 11 am and then at 6 pm we are hosting a Living Free group at East Booneville Baptist Church

Thursday: We host a men’s Living Free group at 9 am at the Alcorn County jail and at 6 pm we host a Celebration Night at Living Free along with a meal

Friday: We have just started 3 new groups at the MDOC facility with state inmates. Pray that God really shows up and shows out in these groups. We have the chance to share with inmates from all over the state.

Saturday: Men’s Bible study at 7 am

Sundays are open for us to share about Living Free in churches, brotherhoods or any other group.

As you can see, Living Free is very busy. Along with all of these scheduled meetings, we meet daily with people and families whose lives are turned upside down. Whether they are dealing with drug abuse, homelessness, alcoholism or any other life controlling problem, we believe that God CAN and WILL change people’s lives.

We have recently helped 5 individuals get into residential programs in Tupelo, Longview, TX, Heartland in Missouri, and Home of Grace. We have been busy attending meetings and training sessions in Vancleave, MS, Gatlinburg, TN, Jackson, TN and we will be going to Virginia soon. We have people calling from all around the South wanting to know how to start a Living Free program. When God is involved, things get moving!

I tell you all of this so first of all you can pray for my family and the ministry at Living Free, and to say “THANK YOU” for your giving. You see, none of the above would be possible if it were not for you and many more dedicated partners and friends that help Living Free. We love what we get to do and you are a big part of that.

Tommy Wilson
Philippians 4:19
Isaiah 40:29

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