A Open Letter from Marea Wilson

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Living Free Supporters,
I would like to start by saying thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support of LFMinistries. I am glad that Tommy went with God when he felt the call to start this ministry and not with his wife. I had such doubt and fear in his plans and even in HIS plans. As time went on God showed himself in every move and not only built an amazing ministry but also built my faith. This ministry is the heartbeat of my husband. Its why he gets up everyday. He knows that if we can help guide a person to the grace and love of Jesus it will change their life. And he doesn’t stop there. He and the incredible people that help him in this ministry build relationships and friendships and that makes such a difference in all of our lives. More times than not when we are trying to bless someone else we end up with the blessing. God proves himself over and over to us.
Now to the real reason for this letter! My mother passed away on December 20, 2011. That Christmas was and still is a blur to me. The following year I began to dread Christmas even before the first sign of it in the stores. And when I tell you we are Christmas sappy people, believe it! We have always loved to decorate, buy, wrap, cook, eat, look at lights and listen to music! What is supposed to be a wonderful time of year and the whole reason for us as Christians to celebrate and rejoice had me rethinking a lot of things including our Christmas traditions. I had thought of going on a trip and skipping Christmas all together. But one day I thought about how many lonely people we see in our ministry. Sometimes people are lonely because of things they have done to burn bridges and distance even those closest to them. Sometimes people are lonely because of death or no family or maybe their family lives in another part of the world. No matter what the reason, it hurt my heart to think of anyone being alone on Christmas day. I asked Tommy if we could cook a traditional Christmas dinner at LFMinistries and invite anyone who wanted to come. He didn’t think it was a great idea but I think he knew that I needed to do something for others to keep from feeling sorry for myself. So, we put it out there that we would have a traditional Christmas dinner at LF on Christmas day for anyone who is hungry or alone. We didn’t even have a kitchen that year and we had over 300 people spend Christmas with us. My Sunday school and others in the community stepped up to help prepare, serve and clean. It was a great day. Since then it has absolutely become the best day of the year for me. People come to eat and stay to fellowship. What we have seen over the years is they come back because of the bond that is formed. It’s a blessing to see it unfold and be just a little part of it.
Brandon Quinn, Principal at ACHS, called Tommy with an idea. He and his staff wanted to reach out to their community during the Christmas season. He wondered if we would like to use the high school cafeteria and let his entire staff help! What a blessing and what a blessing it will be to have a commercial kitchen to work in! This year we have committed to feeding almost 500 prisoners. No matter why they are there, we want them to have a Christmas meal and know that they are being prayed for. My hope is that no one will be alone on Christmas Day. Christmas isn’t always the magical time that you see on commercials. It’s just a day for some people, a day full of worry and loss and hurt and brokenness. It’s the perfect day to share Hope. With all of that being said, I am asking for your prayers and your help. If you would like to prepare a dish or make a donation, please contact me. If you would like to come and serve or if you would like to just come to eat and fellowship, please do!
Here is a list of things that you can help with:
Turkey (already been provided)
Green beans
Green bean casserole
Sweet potato casserole
Sweet potatoes
Home made desserts of any kind
Canned drinks
Please use throw away containers as it would be easier for everyone.
Thank you again for your continued support! We love this community and are thankful for a chance to serve here.
Living Free Ministries
PO Box 224
Corinth, MS 38835

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  1. Phyllis watts

    I would love to come serve anywhere there is a need I will also bring desserts enough to feed 50+ . you and tommy are a blessing! What time should I be there

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