Night of Hope is coming up

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With cooler weather, beautiful colors, and holidays coming, fall is a wonderful time of the year. Also, our “Night of Hope” is coming up the Thursday before Thanksgiving. This year it will be a special night as we will use this time to officially announce our plans for a Living Free residential program – a vision that will finally become a reality. This new endeavor will bring much excitement, but it will create many needs.

We have carefully chosen our director for the residential program, and we will introduce him that night. He is no stranger to Living Free, although he may be to many of you. Perry Hudson will be our guy. He graduated from the Home of Grace over two years ago, and he helps with our Wednesday night group at East Booneville Baptist. He is a member at Fairview Baptist in Booneville, and he loves the evangelist side of what we do. What makes this choice special is that many people helped send Perry to Home of Grace, and now that giving is really producing fruit. Praise the Lord! Everyone should be excited about this!

We have been putting this program together for some time now and we still have work to do, but we are really excited about what is to come. Our plan is to take thirty men a year and work them in recovery and disciple them in Christ. This is a deep passion of mine, and Perry’s passion reflects mine.

Our program will be a ninety day program, with sixty days of it being in-house and the last thirty days will be a very strict non-residential program. To make this happen, we will need a lot of support, both in prayer and financially.

Our first number we have worked out is $151,000 a year, and I’m sure that’s low. We will need a vehicle to carry five or six men daily. We already have a $20,000 giving coming to start our “Night of Hope”, so our goal that night will be $40,000. With this starting amount, we will do some necessary work on our building, and we will be getting Perry started sometime in January. We have a lot of work to do and many people to meet with to get direction.

The Lord has used Living Free for over fourteen years in North Mississippi, and it has been an amazing ride. We truly believe that this decision is where the Lord has led us. We will be very selective in choosing participants, with the plan of getting others in need into programs we are already working with.


I have a deep belief that we can take a person and spend ninety days with him and make a major impact on his life and the life of his family. Almost every year, we have helped over one hundred people get into residential programs out of town. Some of these people will now be potential participants of the Living Free program. We feel that our program has excellent growth opportunity.


If we can share with you, your group, your church or help in anyway please let us know.


Thank you for all you do for Living Free.


Tommy Wilson
Psalm 40:2

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