Living Free Summer Needs

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The year is halfway gone, my friends, and it is clear that 2017 will be a year to remember at Living Free! We stand in awe of the way that the Lord has used Living Free so far this year. We are meeting with more folks than ever, and we are hosting 18 meetings a week. Our meals on Monday and Thursday nights are feeding more people than ever before. We are helping about 15 people a month get into residential programs to get the help that they need.

I tell you these things because it is your giving that allows Living Free to operate and to provide for so many needs of all of the families we are meeting. Thank you for helping Living Free get to where it is today and for getting us to where we are headed (2 Corinthians 9:7).

We do have some specific needs that I want to let everyone know about because summer is always a hard time for Living Free.

1. 3 months of meals for the summer (June, July, and August) will cost about $4,500. This will feed over 3,000 meals at a cost of $1.50 each

2. We want to change our lighting to LED in our kitchen area and meeting room to save long-term on the electricity bill. Cost will be about

3. We will need to raise about $8,500 in new support for the summer time to be able to continue to operate

This comes to a total of $15,000 that we are praying about for the summer months. We believe that the Lord has provided for Living Free for the last 13 years, and He will provide this summer as well. The question is… Will He use you to help meet these needs? We hope so!

August 3, our friend Josh Barton from the Home of Grace will be with us. Mark your calendar for this special night as we will celebrate with a Home of Grace alumni night. Over the years, we have helped over 300 men and women get into the Home of Grace. Praise the Lord!

Philippians 4:19
Tommy Wilson

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