God is changing lives at Living Free

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Recently, Marea and I took a drive up the Trace. The changing color of the leaves was breathtaking. As we enjoyed the view, I couldn’t help but think about how God has changed the lives of so many men and women at Living Free this year and over the past 10 years. Many of them came to Living Free looking for something that would change their ways, their family situations and maybe even their destinations. HOPE in Jesus Christ is what they found, and did it ever change them!

Joe is a guy that we met in October. He cannot even tell you how many times he has been to prison and jail in his 47 years on earth. Joe came to Living Free because he knew he needed to do something different with his life because it was a wreck. Like so many others who show up at Living Free looking for some relief, Joe was introduced to this guy named Jesus, and He has forever changed him. Joe’s story is just one of the great joys that we get to experience.

During the last week of October, Living Free was privileged to be a part of 7 school events for Red Ribbon Week. We spoke to over 2000 kids. Reaching young people is so important, and we believe that intervention is a crucial part of what Living Free does.

It’s hard to believe that we have been seeing God change lives for 10 years now. It’s been a great time. We are very thankful for the last 10 years of Living Free, but we are really excited about the next 10 years! We will celebrate our 10 year anniversary on November 19. That night, many men and women whose lives and families have been changed through the Living Free ministry will be attending the celebration. Our friends at Chewalla Baptist will furnish our meal that night as we give THANKS to God that night for all HE has done. We invite you to please make plans to attend this special night. We will have a meal at 6:00 pm and our program will start around 6:45 pm.

It is a busy time of the year for most families, but it is a very hard time for some. Many families who are dealing with addiction will be struggling just to make it through the holidays. During this time, Living Free will have the opportunity to help many families. Whether they need meals or whether they need toilet paper, we are excited to help and we take each opportunity very seriously. Meeting physical needs is the perfect beginning to being able to share HOPE and to being able to get to know these families. We love to laugh, cry and pray with these folks.

I ask that you pray about making a special donation in the month of November to celebrate the 10 years of Living Free. I ask that you also pray about coming on a Monday night or Thursday night so you can see firsthand what God is doing. You may even want to furnish a meal along with your Sunday school class or church.

Our schedule for November:
November 1 Chewalla Baptist
November 5 Celebration Night
November 8 Mission Of Hope
November 12 Celebration Night
November 19 Celebration of 10 Years and Thanksgiving meal
Nov 26 no meeting

Go ahead and make plans for Christmas day as well. We will have a meal and we will spend time and celebrate with our friends. We will need volunteers and food. Over 300 folks have attended each Christmas day meal. This day has become a big part of my family and Living Free. We can’t wait to see what God does!

We love what we get to do.

Thanks for everything,
Tommy Wilson

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