Different kinds of storms are hitting our communities

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Storms have been the headlines for a few weeks now… first, Harvey in Texas, then Irma in Florida. These storms caused billions of dollars in damage, and now families are struggling just to put together a normal day. Here at home in North Mississippi, different kinds of storms are hitting our communities hard every day. I am talking about the storms of addiction and drug use.

We have a statement here at Living Free that we use almost daily, “…addiction is stronger than human love. Powerful natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes do not compel fathers and mothers to abandon their children, but addiction does”. In Texas and Florida, communities have come together to help each other, and families are doing whatever it takes to protect each other. In addiction, dads and moms are ruining their families, and they will quickly abandon the children for the chance to get high one more time.

Living Free is the bridge that many of these addicts are using to get help. We believe that there is HOPE for these that are struggling in finding a relationship with Jesus Christ (John 14:6).

2017 is moving very fast, and we have been granted the opportunity to help more hurting folks than ever before. We will feed over 12,000 meals this year. We have helped more people get into residential programs, such as Home of Grace and other programs. We are meeting with over 250 folks a week in support groups. We have AD classes going on in the MDOC facility. We have three support groups on Wednesday nights in local churches. We are having the opportunity to do life with more people than ever before!

We get calls from Texas, Missouri, Virginia, and other local communities wanting to know how we got started and how we keep it going. It is a simple answer – GOD. HE has used a group of misfits that didn’t know any better than to begin to offer help to the hurting folks.

I want to say “Thank You” for your part in Living Free. We love what we get to do, and your giving allows Living Free to help the hurting folks in our communities. I’m really excited about where Living Free has been, and I’m more excited about where we are headed. We are headed into the holidays, and this time of year will be tough on families. I ask that you pray about how to help Living Free during this time so that we can help families.

A date to put down on your calendar, November 16. That day will be our Thanksgiving meal. Our friends from Chewalla Baptist will provide the meal, and we have six men coming from the Home of Grace coming to share that night. F.G., Brother Mike Cornell, Yogia, Kent and Jessie will be coming. These men have counseled hundreds of men who are residents of North Mississippi, so it will be a special night.

Also, on Christmas day we will have our annual Crossroads Christmas Meal. There will be more information on that after Thanksgiving.

Thanks for all you do!

Tommy Wilson
Hebrews 13:3

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